Hundreds of ‘laughing gas’ canisters found littered across Salford street


An unsuspecting Salford jogger stumbled across hundreds of ‘laughing gas’ canisters scattered across the street during an early morning run this week.

Balloons, cans and plastic bottles were also visible among the piles of litter found in Agecroft near Pendlebury on Monday.

One runner decided to share a photo of the shocking scene to social media – which shows silver pressurised containers (containing nitrous oxide) strewn up the road amongst carrier bags and torn-up boxes.


The image has provoked an angered response from the local community, with some claiming they’d stumbled upon the canisters themselves in neighbouring areas and elsewhere in Greater Manchester.

One user claimed that it was “the same around Media City/Salford Quays”.

Others described the scene as being “disgusting” and “shocking”.

Bridge in Agecroft / Wikimedia Commons / Richerman

Nitrous oxide canisters are purchased by the box and marketed online as “whipped cream chargers”.

The silver canisters started appearing on the streets several years ago and have become more prevalent and widespread over time.

At least a dozen boxes of the capsules can be seen in the image taken in Agecroft – with hundreds of the silver objects strewn right across the tarmac.

Litter picking groups – All Salford Litter Heroes and Irwell Riverside Litter Pickers – have been informed.

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