Indy Man Beer Con returns after two-year break – how to get tickets

Georgina Pellant Georgina Pellant - 11th April 2022

It’s been two very dry years, but at last the Independent Manchester Beer Convention (Indy Man Beer Con/IMBC) is coming back to Manchester.

Hailed as the city’s biggest and best celebration of craft beer, the festival will be bringing some of the world’s best breweries to Manchester’s Victoria Baths this October for a four-day knees-up.

Every year Indy Man Beer Con makes hundreds of beers available for ticket holders to sample, both from top brewers based in Manchester and across the globe, with various ticketed time slots spread across the weekend.

But thanks to various restrictions, it’s now been nearly three years since an event has been held, with two now missed due to the Covid pandemic.

In that time, the beer world has changed quite a lot. Thanks to lockdown, lots of talented brewers have split away to open up their own shops, and the general turmoil Covid has caused in hospitality has led even more in the bar world to break away and experiment with making their own beer.


As a result, it looks like there could be some exciting new breweries tipped to exhibit at the celebrated beer festival this year.

Image: IMBC

First launched in Manchester in 2012, the festival has become somewhat of a mecca for northern beer lovers – with people travelling from far and wide to attend and sample all the different weird and wonderful beers on offer.


This year’s focus on sustainability and environmental awareness of the impact of the brewing
industry sees special, cross-Atlantic collaborative brewing and innovative approaches to
recycling spent products.

How to get tickets to IMBC 2022

Taking place over four days from September 29th-October 2nd, tickets are priced between £14.50
and £19.and go on sale on Thursday 14 April via

Early Bird tickets will be available, with both Port Street Beer House in the Northern Quarter,
and The Beagle in Chorlton running pre-sale events on Wednesday 15 April between 6pm-

To celebrate, the two venues will each be giving free treats out to those in attendance. Port Street will have slices of Nell’s NYC 22” pizza, while The Beagle will be cracking open mystery sharing bottles from past IMBC’s for some free tasters.

Feature image – IMBC