Interior fans take note: These 5 wall colours are trendy in 2021 – and are perfect for your home!

Here are 5 wall colours that are trendy in 2021

The Manc The Manc - 16th June 2021

The new year is all about hope, comfort and tranquillity – and this is of course also reflected in the colours that adorn our home. Warm colours and natural tones are now conquering our own four walls and invite to relax, live and spend time with your family. Here are 5 wall colours that are trendy in 2021:

1. Earth tones

Earth colours, which are now competing with cold grey tones, ensure a lot of cosiness in the living room & co. It is all about using these new neutrals to create inviting and smart spaces. Colours such as warm beige, brown and grey tones can be perfectly combined with any furnishing style and look totally modern. These tones prove that a down-to-earth grey is now replacing cooler nuances.

2. Green tones

A closeness to nature and sustainability play an increasingly important role in our lives. So it’s clear that natural green tones should not be missing in our home. Whether a soft sage green, strong forest green or modern olive green: they all convey a friendly, relaxed atmosphere full of lightness.


3. Blue tones

Blue is a classic and is particularly popular in the bedroom, as the wall colour is very relaxing and cosy. But blue tones also come into their own in all other rooms – from the kitchen to the bathroom. Pure and fresh nuances are particularly popular in 2021, as these uncomplicated colours feel familiar, bring back memories of our childhood and have a calming effect in our home. When it comes to choosing the right paint, you should be mindful of the purpose of each room. For example, bathroom paint should be mould and steam resistant, while kitchen paint should withstand cooking stains and grease.


4. Red and Brown tones

In keeping with the earth tone trend, warm, chocolatey reds and browns are on the rise. Whether subdued muddy red, luxurious burgundy or creamy brown: These colours can be easily combined with a neutral colour palette and set great accents.

5. Yellow tones

A bright, strong yellow now also adorns our home in 2021. If that’s a bit too bright as a wall colour, you can opt for more subtle and muted, but by no means less atmospheric yellow tones. Either way: A cheerful yellow is guaranteed to put you in a good mood – whether it’s earthy ochre or the soft pastel version.