Manchester is set to be hotter than LA this weekend

Absolutely excellent news. See you in the beer garden.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 4th April 2024

No, we’re not exaggerating, Manchester is genuinely set to be hotter than LA this weekend. Just keep holding on, the summer is well and truly on its way, people.

Unbelievably so, whilst some parts of the country are set to be hit with yellow weather warning-worthy high winds this week – and not too far away from the North West either – courtesy of Storm Kathleen, the city centre and beyond are set to get a much-needed dose of sunshine and warmth.

The temperatures have gradually been creeping up ever since we entered spring but we’re yet to have a properly hot day. However, this Saturday (April 6) it’s projected that Mancs will be able to bask in anywhere between 17-18ºC weather, according to the Met Office.

Far from groundbreaking, obviously, but we’ll absolutely take it.

manchester weather april
The Quays always look so lovely in the sun. (Credit: Christine McIntosh via Flickr)

Not only is this the hottest day we will have had all year thus far, but somehow it’s also higher than LA is set to be this weekend; yes, the actual Los Angeles, California, where it’s pretty much permanent sunshine most of the year.


While the day might start off cloudy and we’re still expected to see some of the rain from the wider precipitation sweeping across the country, the thermometer isn’t set to go any lower than 10ºC all day and if Apple Weather is to be believed, we might even tip into 19ºC.

And get this, with highs of 17ºC starting from Friday (admittedly with a bit of rain), the sun isn’t expected to set until just before 8pm on the following day.


Glorious stuff.

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As mentioned, while much of Northern Island, Scotland as well as the west coast of England and Wales are facing blasts of 70mph winds, down south temperatures could peak to as high as 24ºC.

Take that LA, you can stuff your 15 measly degrees.


With most of the UK only teetering into the springtime so far and April showers having still made it feel very British and very Manchester, in particular, we really cannot wait for the sun to properly make its return. It feels like it’s been forever.

Sunbathing in beer gardens until the evening is coming soon enough, just you wait.

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Featured Images — Christine McIntosh (via Flickr)/Stacey MacNaught (via Flickr)