Parents of Dillon Duffy issue urgent appeal to help find missing Oldham teen last seen in London

There are fears for his mental state due to his most recent search history.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 28th June 2024

The parents of missing Oldham teenager Dillon Duffy have issued an urgent appeal to help find their son who disappeared last week.

Dillon Duffy, 18 from Chadderton, was reported missing on Tuesday, 18 June last week after he was thought to be on the way to work.

He was dropped off by his mother outside the local Asda supermarket on Milne Street, saying that he wanted to grab a bottle of water before his shift, but the teen decided instead to jump on a train to Stoke at around 3.35pm from Manchester Piccadilly before boarding another to London.

CCTV footage confirmed the last-known sighting of the youngster arriving at Euston station and the Metropolitan Police‘s missing person unit is now said to have taken charge.

Dillon was last seen wearing the black North Face jacket pictured, as well as black and grey Nike trainers with white soles. Although his head is recently shaved, he is described as having ‘dirty blonde’ hair. It is also thought he could be carrying a large blue Simpsons blanket that is missing from his room.


Speaking to the Oldham Times, mum Donna Duffy said: “It’s obviously a big police area and they’re inundated with missing persons cases, so we’re not really getting anywhere with that at the moment in terms of footage.

“It’s vital that we get some CCTV footage of where he went after Euston station, my sister managed to get some footage for the police but that trail isn’t being chased.


Even more concerningly, Ms Duffy went on to detail that Dillon left a note for his family telling them he was feeling low and that they found internet searches relating to depression.

“We don’t know what frame of mind he’s in”, said Donna, “[but from his Google history it shows he was feeling really low and I’m feeling really sorry for him because I didn’t know he was feeling that way. I just want him to reach out so we can help and support him.”

She also told the MEN that the young man had been deemed “low risk” by police because he is 18 but they are unsure whether he even has money and are worried as there has been no social media activity.


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With Dillon’s father having driven the 200 miles to London immediately and spent six days searching for his son non-stop along with some other friends and family, she admitted the search thus far has taken its toll, with the distressed dad having to come back home “due to his own health.”

He even drove up to Bridlington in Yorkshire due to a hunch based on Dillon’s search history but the pair have now come “come to a standstill”, with Donna adding in a post online that she had been “stood aimlessly in Manchester Picadilly train station” in hopes he might return from the capital.

Numerous accounts across various social media platforms are now trying to spread the word in an effort to locate him. More than 26,000 people have also joined the ‘Help Find Dillon Duffy’ Facebook group and police are urging anyone with information to come forward.

You can also call or text the UK’s official missing persons hotline on 116000 and cite the reference number: 24-096945.

The search for fellow missing teen Jay Slater also continues as efforts to find the 19-year-old from Lancashire have now been stepped up.

Featured Images — Family Handouts/GMP/Met Police