The Manc - Northern nans move in together to self-isolate and combat loneliness"

Northern nans move in together to self-isolate and combat loneliness

BBC Breakfast

In one of the most heartwarming stories to come out of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, three elderly women have decided to move in together whilst they self-isolate as a way of combating loneliness.

Doreen, Carol and Dotty, from the North of England, are each in their 70s and have been friends for over 40 years.

The government has advised that those over 70 years of age take extra precaution and practice stricter social distancing measures, but this friendship group just didn't fancy self-isolating alone.

They'd much prefer to do it together.

Coronavirus | Isolating with friends

?? Lifelong friends Doreen, Dotty and Carol have been through divorce and loss together. Now they're planning on getting through isolation together, literally ⤵️

Posted by BBC Breakfast on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The big debate amongst the women though is who has the best and most appropriate house to self-isolate in. They've each made a claim for why it should be theirs.

They're currently in Carol's house at the moment, but Dotty does have a "lovely long back garden, which would be great for exercising" making that quite the attractive prospect. Doreen thinks she's the strong winner however, as not only does she have a front room for any of them to escape to if "they get a bit tetchy with each other", but she also has a Netflix account meaning they can watch 'The Crown' together.

The best bit about this story though, hands down, is that the ladies admitted to having "a supply of wine in" to get them through and that wine is the only item they've been panic buying.


During the trying, testing times we are currently experiencing, a friendship like this is bound to make it through. Honestly, if you do just one thing today, have a watch of this video.

It's sure to stick a smile on your face!

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