Stockport police smash window to rescue suffering dog from boiling car

GMP has issued a warning to drivers not to leave their pets in cars in hot weather.

The Manc The Manc - 15th June 2021

Greater Manchester Police is pleading with the public not to leave pets in cars in hot weather – with officers forced to break into a vehicle this week to save a suffering dog.

The force has released footage showing an police officer in Stockport town centre shattering a car window to release an animal which had left inside during a sweltering summer’s day.

The video was posted with the accompanying message: “Please do not leave your animals in vehicles when the weather is like this.”

A Stockport officer had to force entry to a vehicle to rescue a dog that had been left in a hot car / Image: GMP

Footage appears to show the car situated away from sunlight – but according to the RSPCA, even parking in the shade and leaving the windows open is “still a very dangerous situation” for dogs.

The animal organisation says that during summer cars “can become as hot as an oven” in a short space of time, even if the temperatures outdoors are relatively mild.


The RSPCA added that in 22 degree heat, a vehicle interior can reach 47 degrees within the hour – creating “unbearable” conditions for any dog left inside.

According to the RSPCA, even parking in the shade and leaving the windows open is “still a very dangerous situation for the dog” / Image: GMP

The charity states that anyone who spots a dog in distress inside a vehicle should call 999.


It stated: “As the weather heats up and after a year of lockdowns and restrictions, it’s inevitable that many of us will be wanting to explore the great outdoors and seeking the perfect staycations with our four legged friends.

“With the reality being that dogs are not welcomed everywhere, we are urging the public to carefully plan outings and to safeguard their dogs’ from heatstroke this summer.”

More information on helping dogs in hot cars is available on the RSPCA website.