Poll reveals surprising number of people in the UK would refuse a coronavirus vaccine

 Retha Ferguson / Pexels

A new poll has revealed that 31 per cent of people in the UK would have some level of hesitation in using a coronavirus vaccine if one is made available.

The research, performed by the Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) via YouGov in June, asked members of the British public whether they would get vaccinated against COVID-19 – which has infected over 285,000 citizens and contributed to more than 44,000 deaths.

Sky News has now reported the findings – with 6 per cent of 1,669 participants claiming they would definitely not get vaccinated.

10 per cent said they would probably not, whilst a further 15 per cent said they didn’t know.

Around 69 per cent said they would either definitely use a vaccine or would probably do so. 

CDC / Unsplash

Experts have previously stated that more than three-quarters of the population would require vaccination in order to halt coronavirus in the UK.

The University of Oxford is currently entering the later stages of its coronavirus vaccine trial, becoming the likeliest candidate to produce an effective form of suppressive treatment.

Researchers may be able to determine whether the coronavirus vaccine is effective as soon as August.

If the vaccine is proven to work, frontline workers and high-risk groups are likely to receive the first doses.

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