Man runs into painful karma after crashing stolen car in Droylsden

Facebook/Zac Fords

Car theft is on the rise in Greater Manchester and areas in North Manchester are rife with would-be thieves at the moment.

Whether it's the middle of the day or 5 in the morning, cars are being taken from driveways and roads while opportunists find new ways to get off in your motor.

One of these areas is Droylsden, a next door neighbour of Newton Heath and Gorton, two of the worst areas for car theft in Greater Manchester– but let's face it, there's a fine line between every Manchester town when it comes to this.


One such incident of theft in Droylsden has recently come to light in the form of a video posted to Facebook, and f*ck me has it gone viral.

The short video posted by Zac Fords shows the aftermath of an alleged stolen vehicle accident in which a group of young men attempt to flee the scene.

In his post, Zac writes: "That’s what you get for robbing a car and crashing it! Scum bag got what he deserved."


What Zac is describing is the moment one of the passengers of the stolen car comes face to face with karma.

While belting it down the road, the lad gets absolutely walloped by a random passerby. Not only does the punch land cleanly on his noggin', but the recoil from the dig propels his head directly into a concrete post.

It. Looks. Painful.


Now, while we never like to celebrate violence – or condone an assault like this – we'd like to think that this sobering face-to-face interaction with karma will manifest itself as a painful reality check for this young lad.

Robbing people is not big and it's not cool – and it will definitely come back to bite you, especially if you live in Droylsden.

You can watch the video on Facebook here.

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