Tesco scraps overnight re-stocking roles making 1,600 jobs now at risk

The retailer said it was moving its overnight re-stocking to the daytime in stores across the UK.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 1st February 2022

Tesco has announced another round of role restructuring at its stores across the UK, leaving 1,600 jobs now at risk.

The retailer – which is Britain’s biggest supermarket, with 3,400 stores across the country – said it was moving its overnight re-stocking to the daytime in 36 large stores and 49 convenience stores, and is also converting 36 of its petrol stations to become ‘Pay-at-Pump’ only sites during overnight hours.

Tesco said the changes to overnight roles came after it found that moving stock replenishment to daytime trading hours means it could ensure more staff were on the shop floor to help customers at peak times.

This announcement also comes a day after Tesco announced it was scrapping its discount store brand Jack’s, with the closure of seven stores and loss of around 130 jobs.

Tesco also said it is shutting meat, deli, and fish counters at more than 300 sites.


With all these closure announcements combined, it’s said that around 1,600 roles are at risk of redundancy across all Tesco branches, but the retailer said it aimed to offer alternative roles to as many as possible, with 3,000 vacancies currently needing to be filled.

The retailer said it was moving its overnight re-stocking to the daytime at various stores across the UK / Credit: Tesco Careers

Speaking on the role restructuring, Jason Tarry – Head of Tesco’s UK and Ireland – said: “We operate in a highly competitive and fast-paced market and our customers are shopping differently, especially since the start of the pandemic.


“We are always looking at how we can run our business as simply and efficiently as possible, so that we can re-invest in the things that matter most to customers.

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“The changes we are announcing today will help us do this.


“Our priority now is to support our impacted colleagues through these changes and, wherever possible, find them alternative roles within our business.”

Featured Image – Tesco / Altum Capital