This ‘smash room’ lets you destroy stuff to relieve stress

Temper Tank

Time to bin that stress ball on your desk.

Manchester now has a room where you can actually smash stuff up after a particularly sh*tty day.

TemperTank offer a safe space for people to pick up an object - be it a baseball bat or sledgehammer - and go to town on some smashable objects for half an hour, with absolutely no ramifications.

You can even pick the music to soundtrack your smashing (surely "Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit, right?).

TemperTank commented:“The concept came about as we know how satisfying it would be to be able to break items from our daily routines.

"We believe this will positively contribute to mental health by providing an environment to express pent up emotions partnered with stress and anxiety.”

Temper Tank

Buyers can take their pick from three different types of package - which dictate what you'll be destroying and the item you'll use to cause chaos.

There's even the option to batter stuff together as a group.

Find out more by visiting the TemperTank website.  Don't let the bastards get you down. Go smash some stuff.

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