The biggest premieres happening at Manchester Film Festival


A premiere is arguably the best way to digest any film. 

You get to enjoy that prestigious feeling of exclusivity; being one of the first to see the project in its completed format. But most importantly of all, you enter the theatre blindfolded and cold.

There's no reviews. No friend feedback. No context. No pre-made perceptions.

You take your seat completely uninfluenced with an open mind. It's an unencumbered viewing experience.

At Manchester Film Festival 2020, dozens of films will be projected onto the big screen for the very first time. Listed below are some we're most excited about.

Before The Fire

When a pandemic strikes Hollywood, a movie star is forced to return to her humble roots in rural America.

However, her homecoming isn't an entirely welcome one, and before too long, real danger is lurking on her doorstep.

The international premiere of Before The Fire screens on Saturday 14 March at 7:45PM. Includes Director Q&A.

Knots: A Forced Marriage Story

This could be one of the most important pieces of filmmaking at MANIFF 2020.

Knots: A Forced Marriage Story shines a light on an illegal yet widespread practice in America.

During the documentary, three survivors speak out about their experiences and share details how they became victims of some harrowing human rights abuses.

Screening on Saturday 14 March at 1PM. Includes Director Q&A.

Broken Law

A professional guard is forced to make some difficult decisions when his brother pleads for help in the aftermath of a robbery gone wrong in Broken Law.

The situation continues to spiral out of control with punches aplenty - and all the early signs suggest this one could be an intense, gripping watch.

Screening on Sunday 15 March at 5:30PM. Includes Director Q&A.


Stuffed is a unblinking look at what many consider to be a peculiar, creepy or plain wrong practice: Taxidermy.

The documentary takes audiences into the weird and wonderful world of this diverse subculture, portraying people who believe they bring a new lease of life to creatures.

Screening on Sunday 15 March at 5:30PM.


Tenere is a true story of a miraculous journey - as a group of African people cross thousands of miles of sand from Niger to Europe.

Tracking their movements, this documentary reveals the preparation involved for a journey of this magnitude, along with the effect the trip has on their families, health and mind-sets.

Screening on Saturday 14 March at 3:15PM. Includes Director Q&A.

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