The nation will ‘Clap for Boris’ while the Prime Minister remains in intensive care

Pippa Fowles / PA Media

It's set to take place this evening.

Calls amongst the British public for a 'Clap For Boris' is set to take place this evening to show support for the Prime Minister upon his admission to intensive care with coronavirus (COVID-19) last night.

Following reports from 10 Downing Street this afternoon, it has been confirmed that Boris Johnson is currently "breathing without a ventilator" and "remains in good spirits", but is still in intensive care.

The 'Clap For Boris' comes after the nation started applauding NHS staff, carers and key workers to show support for their hard work in fighting the virus and keeping the country running during the pandemic.


After the show of support gained traction on social media last night, #ClapForBoris is already trending on Twitter today.

Whilst many users have stated their intent to take part, there has also been a fair amount of criticism expressed.

Reasons cited by members of the public for wishing to not join in include the Prime Minister's previous and controversial public comments on the coronavirus outbreak, it being unfair to single out one fighting for their life over others and the applause discrediting the importance of the #clapforNHS and #ClapForKeyWorkers movement, which is set to take place every Thursday during the pandemic.

The 'Clap for Boris' is set to take place at 8pm this evening.

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