The next pubs dishing out free drinks in Sacha Lord’s happy hour scheme

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 29th June 2022

Sacha Lord has announced which pubs will next take part in his ‘happy hour’ scheme.

The Parklife boss recently announced plans to ‘buy everyone a drink’ in pubs across Greater Manchester.

He said: “This is all about getting together and thanking the people of Greater Manchester for their support over the past two and a half years.

“As a city region, we suffered tougher restrictions than any other during the pandemic, and now with the difficult economic environment, our operators are once again at the precipice of closure.

Sacha Lord. Credit: Darren Robinson Photography

“It’s about time I bought everyone a pint, and what better way than to launch a summer hospitality hour across our ten boroughs.


“I’m looking forward to being at each one to personally thank landlords and staff and the punters who have kept our sector going.”

The happy hours launched last weekend at Adelophi Lads Club in Salford.


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Sacha has now confirmed where people can head for their next round of free drinks.

He’ll be putting money behind the bar at The Crooked Man in Prestwich on Sunday 17 July, between 4pm and 5pm.


Then it’ll be the turn of Bask in Stockport on Sunday 24 July, again between 4pm and 5pm.

Sacha is also appealing for other venues to take part, saying: “If you know a bar/pub in Greater Manchester that needs recognising, please keep the recommendations coming.”

Featured image: The Manc Group