There will be a Supermoon lighting UK skies this evening


It’s set to be the brightest supermoon of 2020 so far.

In recent weeks, the evenings have been remaining lighter for longer, but tonight the skies will be brighter for a slightly different reason.

The second supermoon of the year will be lighting skies this evening.

The March moon, named the ‘worm moon’, will be the last full moon of winter and is predicted to be ‘spectacularly bright’.

Speaking to the Press Association, Royal Observatory astronomer Emily Drabek-Maunder said: “The March full moon is known as the worm moon, named after earthworms that emerge towards the beginning of spring as the ground thaws.”


For the majority of the UK, the moon will first appear and slowly creep over the horizon from about 5:35pm GMT and is set to reach its full peak around 5:47pm GMT.

This supermoon is predicted to be around 14% bigger and 30% brighter in the sky than a full moon.

People are starting to get ready for the celestial event on social media and the hashtag #SuperMoon is already trending on Twitter.

After tonight, the next supermoon of 2020 will be visible across UK skies on 8th April.

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