Two-metre steel fence to be built around Bolton cenotaph to protect against vandalism

David Nixon / Geograph

Bolton Council has announced today that it intends to erect a two-metre steel fence around the town centre cenotaph as a protection from future acts of vandalism.

The fencing is reportedly due to be placed around the focal point memorial in Victoria Square later today.

The intentions of the council were confirmed in a statement by the Leader of Bolton Council, Cllr David Greenhalgh, via the official Bolton Conservatives Facebook page.

The statement reads: “My colleagues and I will simply not tolerate any vandalism or damage to our memorials to those who have given their lives for our country, as we have seen happen during other protests in other towns.”

“That is why we are taking this precaution of protecting our Cenotaph.”

“We will not be governed by mob rule and a media with an agenda, and we call on the government and the police to stand firm against those who seek to infiltrate these protests with violent and decisive objectives.”

“Lockdown rules are clear, they need to be enforced.

“We, as a Council, have made it clear we do not support these large gatherings at a time when a virus is claiming the lives of thousands of people.”

“It is irresponsible and reckless, and threatens a second wave.”

“We are an administration opposed to any form of racism or discrimination, but we will not be dictated to on whether we should eradicate history, and we will not support the removal of any memorials or statues. In my view, it is simply wrong to judge people who lived hundreds of years ago on 21st century values.”

“Society, it’s stances and morals, evolve with time.”

“We learn from history, we educate and we should never be afraid to challenge and update, but eradicating it is not the answer.”

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