UK residents receive Boris Johnson’s coronavirus letter while he lies in an ICU bed

Some people will have picked up an eerie letter from their postboxes earlier today. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson penned a message to the nation last month in an attempt to preserve our spirits, inform us about the action the government was taking, and remind us of our responsibilities.

It is still being distributed to households across the country. And now, that letter carries a huge sense of poignancy.

The PM is currently lying in an intensive care unit in a London hospital with COVID-19, with his condition deteriorating on Monday.

Dominic Raab has stepped in deputise.

One particular part of the letter really hits home: "It’s important for me to level with you — we know things will get worse before they get better," it reads.

The UK's leader has been struck down like anyone else. It is further proof, if we ever needed it, that the virus does not discriminate.

The government's business will continue in Johnson's absence, with ministers following the PM's plans.

According to Downing Street, he is not currently on a ventilator and has access to the very best care available.

But we must continue to heed the words the PM wrote when he was fit and well only a matter of days ago.

Stay home. Save lives.

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