Walkers is bringing back two iconic flavours and they’re hitting stores very soon


Crisp fans, gather round.

Walkers is reintroducing two classic flavours of Wotsits this month - with the wicked Sizzling Steak and Flamin’ Hot finally returning to stores.

These powdery corn puffs have decorated our chins with orange dust since childhood - and from time to time, Walkers give the super cheesy snacks a new type of seasoning.


Two of the most popular flavour experiments have been smoky BBQ Beef - since rebranded as Sizzling Steak - and spicy Flamin’ Hot.

Fans have been itching to see both back on supermarket shelves for some time - and the moment they’ve been waiting for has nearly arrived.


Sizzling Steak and Flamin' Hot will be available in single serve bags, grab bags, multi-packs and sharing bags across the country from 12 January

Walkers representative, Nick Day, said: “People have been reaching out to us non-stop on social media to bring back our iconic flavours, so we’re pleased to announce that Wotsits Flamin’ Hot and Sizzling Steak will soon be back in their hands, kicking off the year with a bang.

"The new range has been given a flavour makeover to what was previously known as ‘BBQ’ and ‘Flamin’ Hot’ but still maintains that classic taste fans will know and love.”

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