Woman flies 50 dogs to freedom who were starving on empty streets of Cyrpus


We'll never be saying 'all heroes wear capes' ever again.

In what is possibly one of the most uplifting stories to come out of these tragic times amid the coronavirus (COVID) pandemic, one remarkable woman has flown 50 dogs to freedom who were starving on the empty streets of Cyprus.

It's estimated that there are hundreds of thousands of abandoned, stray and wild dogs roaming the streets of Cyprus.

That number will inevitably rise and conditions will surely worsen now that the country has been placed on extended lockdown until the end of May.

Andrea Siddons arranged to fly the 50 dogs to a better life in the UK and some have now arrived right here in Manchester at Dogs 4 Rescue.

Dogs 4 Rescue is a small, independent dog sanctuary in right here in Manchester. It has developed a unique “cage free” approach to animal welfare to ensure all dogs are socialised in a healthy, relaxed and happy foster home environment, whilst waiting for their forever families.

Sharing the extraordinary story on Facebook this morning, Dogs 4 Rescue wrote:

"When the virus stops passenger flights and no dogs can leave Cyprus, the number of skeletal dogs on the streets and in the pounds increases and they are also the lives lost due to coronavirus, but Andrea Siddons went to extraordinary lengths at huge personal cost, both financially and emotionally, as she arranged for a [Boeing] 747 to fly 50 dogs to freedom".

"Some of the dogs she saved who were starving a few weeks ago have landed here in the UK safe and ready for homes".

"We are in constant awe at her ability, will and determination".

"These are the luckiest dogs - almost as lucky as those waiting in the pounds that will now be rescued as there is room for them."

When the virus stops passenger flights and no dogs can leave Cyprus the number of skeletal dogs on the streets and in...

Posted by Dogs 4 Rescue on Friday, 10 April 2020

"We are so very proud to know Andrea and be able to take some of her dogs".

"The behind the scenes level of organisation and stress to make it happen is hard to comprehend".

"So brave and so selfless".

A special shout out in this story must also go to pet courier Amanda, who drove through the night to deliver the dogs to safely to Manchester.

If you want to see the amazing work that Andrea does and the lives she transforms on a daily basis, then you can join her CYPRUS DOG RESCUE Facebook group, which offers some much needed hope and happiness during these crazy times.


What an amazing team of people at Dogs 4 Rescue, Cyprus Dog Rescue & 101 Pet Express Specialist Pet Courier. In fact, amazing just doesn't come close to cutting it.

We're in awe.

This story has warmed our hearts like nothing else - you're all heroes!

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