Written message for NHS staff by quarantined coronavirus patient goes viral

Arrowe Park

A message has been left for NHS staff by guests put into quarantine at Arrowe Park Hospital after they were evacuated from China amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

Dozens of Brits have been freed from the Birkenhead hospital after spending two weeks in quarantine amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The news comes on the same day that the disease took 254 deaths in China, a record number since the epidemic. There have been a total of 1,360 deaths so far.


A post went online today of what appears to be one quarantined patient holding a large sheet with a message to the NHS.

The message reads: "I didn't want to leave without expressing my deepest gratitude for what you have for us over these past two weeks.

"I arrived as a potential carrier for a deadly virus. I was a little anxious as to how I would be received. You greeted us warmly with gifts, cards, flowers and smiles. You made us feel welcome.


"In our time of turmoil you took care of us with compassion and professionalism. The experience has been humbling.

"Not once did I feel you didn't have enough time to speak to me or help me. You proactively sought to make my confinement here more comfortable.

"I am one of the 89. But I'm sure my sentiment is shared by us all. Thank you."

The message has since been shared almost 500 times and has been reposted across the internet hundreds more.

It comes after 83 people being held at Arrowe Park were told that their final set of test results have come back negative – confirming they are free of the virus.

It is expected they will leave the accommodation tomorrow (Thursday morning).

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