You can now buy a beans on toast maker


The morning rush dictates that breakfast must be fast and simple.

A piece of old fruit or slice of hastily buttered burnt bread is usually the most efficient way to put some pep in your step before work.

But, of course, if you truly had it your way, you'd be carefully cooking up a sublime meal of beans on toast.

Thankfully, there's a now a breakfast-making machine that takes care of both ingredients for you... in FOUR minutes.

Say hello to the Tefal Toast and Bean Maker.

Steven Lilley/Flickr

This nifty machine is an invaluable time-saving device that makes toast-checking and pan monitoring a thing of the past - but it's also great for keeping food warm if you're running around the house fulfilling other morning tasks.

It's built like a conventional toaster with a circular heating pod at one end, arriving with a handy little measuring cup so you can measure out the ideal amount of beans you need for breakfast.

Head over to Amazon to learn more about this funky breakfast gadget. There's also an egg-cooking equivalent available!

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