Prevayl: The Manchester tech brand bringing sportswear into ‘a new generation’

Prevayl is all about empowering you to "unlock your full potential".

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 11th March 2022

It’s fair to say that the goal of a workout and what athletes are striving to achieve has evolved over generations.

But now, one Manchester-based brand is ushering in “a new generation”.

The introduction of wearable technology has completely revolutionised the fitness world over the last decade or so by giving athletes access to a range of performance insights that were previously unavailable to them – but Prevayl is taking things to the next level.

Designed by experts, and already loved by big names such as athletics and cycling Paralympian Kadeena Cox, West Ham and England footballer Declan Rice, and Sky Sports presenter Josh Denzel, Prevayl has taken the world’s most-accurate wearable technology and fused it into premium sportswear.

The aim? Well, that’s simple – Prevayl is all about empowering you to “unlock your full potential”.


By reacting to the real-time data provided, you can adapt your workouts mid-session, make changes to your training habits, and get closer than ever before to smashing your fitness goals.

Based right here in Manchester city centre, Prevayl was founded by former personal trainer and now-CEO Adam Crofts, alongside serial entrepreneur and Chairman David Newns, and has since gone from strength to strength over the last year, establishing a unique ecosystem of products, including the Sensor, SmartWear, and the App, which all work together to deliver those key insights that help users achieve a new level of fitness.


Each of the Prevayl products are designed to “seamlessly integrate” with one another.

The Sensor is the lightest fitness tracking device in its class, and tracks heart rate, breathing rate, body temperature, and body movement to help users make “smartest fitness decisions”, while the App captures over a million data points during each workout and turns them into “meaningful and actionable” insights.

Prevayl’s mission is to deliver real-time insights right to the user’s fingertips so they can get to know their bodies, track their performance, stay accountable, celebrate their achievements, and ultimately, make every workout count.


But none of this would be possible without the groundbreaking Prevayl product – SmartWear™.

Prevayl products are designed to “seamlessly integrate” with one another / Credit: Prevayl

SmartWear melds premium sportswear with cutting-edge biometric technology to give everyone, at any stage in a fitness journey, the chance to achieve their personal best.

The four-piece SmartWear collection is crafted in a second-skin fit and made of the most durable, lightweight, and breathable materials to ensure maximum comfort and movement, and features adjustable sports bras, short and long sleeve t-shirts, and tank tops that all have a discreet pocket for housing the Prevayl Sensor.

All the items have what are called knitted electrodes embedded into them, which take the most accurate Electrocardiogram readings directly from the wearer’s heart, and eliminate the need for wires and straps to create comfortable durable garments enhanced with the latest technology.

“Our mission at Prevayl is to empower people with the tools to get the most out of their workouts and achieve their fitness goals by combining premium fashion with the latest technology,” said founder at CEO, Adam Crofts.


“Prevayl SmartWear™ is more than just simple clothing.

“It’s the next generation of sportswear that is encoded with intelligence to help people level-up their workouts – all whilst looking and feeling great.”

Speaking of the collection’s design-led aesthetic, Prevayl’s Creative Director Kate Kallaway added: “The design team at Prevayl have created a new age of activewear, leading with smart, innovative apparel design enabling you to connect through style and accuracy.

“I’m proud to be building and leading the team to bring a new, progressive activewear brand to the consumer market.”

The rapid growth of Prevayl doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon either, as with a wealth of new ideas and developments already in the works, the future looks bright.


Prevayl’s founders have particularly pointed to their ambitions to grow the Prevayl community, with the App soon to provide users with a meeting place where they can share health and fitness tips, ask each other questions, connect with like-minded individuals, and essentially, guide one another to athletic excellence.

Prevayl really is changing the game.

Ready to transform the way you train? Find out more on the Prevayl website.

Featured Image – Prevayl