Gary Neville pars off Noel Gallagher perfectly ahead of the Manchester derby FA Cup final

A local lad through and through.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 24th May 2024

Gary Neville and Noel Gallagher have been enjoying a little bit of a back-and-forth in the build-up to the second consecutive Manchester derby FA Cup final this weekend, and it’s for say the Man United legend’s final word on the matter was a good one.

With Saturday, 25 May set for another derby at Wembley, just the second time it’s happened in the history of the competition, icons and figures close to both clubs have been coming out to get their digs in ahead of the massive fixture.

Speaking to BBC Radio Manchester after Manchester City lifted their fourth Premier League title in a row, Gallagher said, “Gary Neville, at this moment in time, I wonder how he’s feeling”, insisting that his team deserved their record-breaking title and are “the best team in the country”.

While it’s hard for anyone to argue with that last statement, the former fullback turned entrepreneur and pundit showed exactly why he produces so many soundbites on TV, taking aim at how the older Oasis brother left his Manc roots behind a long time ago.

The Salford City co-owner concedes forthrightly that Noel Gallagher has been “a huge part of Manchester history” and its musical legacy, but as he goes on to qualify through an amusingly tight-lipped expression, “he lives in London”.


That face and the hand gesture killed us off, we must admit.

For many of the most vehement fans of the region’s legendary music scene, one of the very few things that can be held against the Oasis boys is that they decided to up-sticks and leave their home for the glittering lights of London shortly after they became a global phenomenon.


As Neville put it rather bluntly: “D’you know what I mean, Noel?”, pun unintended, “Don’t talk about [Manchester], you love in London. You live in Knightsbridge, Hampstead or wherever he lives, you can’t start talking about Manchester. 25 years he’s not been here”.

Gary Neville vs Noel Gallagher has always been a humorous rivalry with plenty of harmless banter.

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The 49-year-old goes on to jibe that the legendary musician “only comes once a year for that trophy parade, I saw him on Sunday, actually. Honestly…”


While he and brother Liam will always be massive Blues and are heavy favourites to be among those celebrating this weekend, you have to give G Nev this small victory.

‘The Mighty I’ has yet to respond with a comeback but we’re sure he will and we sincerely look forward to hearing what either one of them has to say after full-time on Saturday.

Still, even if Neville’s club do manage to win, at least it’ll only be a short trip home for Noel anyway…

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Featured Images — BBC Radio Manchester/Wikimedia Commons/Gary Neville (via X)