Kyle Walker reveals one of Manchester City’s biggest party animals — and it isn’t Jack Grealish

Absolutely trollied for every second of the treble parade but turns out 'Super Jack' isn't always the biggest boozer.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 13th March 2024

Defender Kyle Walker has revealed one of the biggest party animals when it comes to the Manchester City squad and, surprisingly, it’s not Jack Grealish.

Well, he’s obviously up there — we all saw that in glorious meme-worthy daylight — but he’s got some healthy competition.

The Man City and England star was speaking on a recent episode of Rio Ferdinand’s FIVE podcast when he was asked by the former footballer who the biggest drinkers in the dressing room are.

However, whilst everyone in the studio and watching at home will have rightly been expecting him to name Grealish, it turns out another teammate goes hard when partying on the cards.

Somehow, not this guy…

Answering the question after no more than a brief moment’s thought, Walker quickly responded, “John. John loves it.”


He clarified that while his fellow defender “doesn’t drink all season” and only has little breaks when the squad goes on tour to the likes of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, “but when he goes it’s bottles — there’s no mixers, it’s just bottles. A bottle of tequila, a bottle of Jäger[meister] and he’ll just drink that straight”.

After co-presenter Joel Beya referenced some very funny old viral clips of Stones pretty tipsy at former City winger Raheem Sterling’s birthday party a few years back, the 33-year-old fullback said, “Yeah, that’s him and after he stopped drinking because of his injuries but when he goes, he goes.”


Although Walker and Rio insisted they have always been well-behaved during the season, both of them did confess to enjoying a big blowout when the opportunity arises.

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With City still in with the chance of defending their treble, it’s safe to say that any post-season parties and potential trophy parades will be a heavy one.

Personally, we’re just looking forward to seeing more drunk Grealish memes and will now be looking out for all the Johnny Stones ones as well.


You can watch his appearance on VIBE with Five in full down below:

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Featured Images — VIBE with FIVE (via YouTube)/John Stones (via Instagram)