Luke Littler hits rousing nine-darter to win Premier League Darts title in debut season

You won't find a more confident player in the world right now.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 24th May 2024

Luke Littler has done it: the teenage darting sensation has won his first-ever Premier League Darts title, and in his debut season no less, following a stunning final in London that featured a rabble-rousing nine-darter.

Still just 17, the Warrington-born sports star has been pretty much in control of the league all year, going into the final night at The O2 sitting in the top spot, with the most legs and matches won to give him a decent enough points cushion.

However, it was a familiar foe in his way as Luke Humphries, the man who stopped Littler from lifting the World Darts Championship on debut, came into the final boasting the same amount of nights won and just a few points shy of his fellow Luke.

But what better way to bury those demons than by hitting a nine-darter in the final to send 14,000 fans into absolute bedlam?

While the youngster might have given somewhat of a muted reaction given the gravity of the throw, the limbs inside the iconic venue were plain to see.


Perhaps it’s because we’ve seen so many similar visits to the oche already in his career that it might not be as unbelievable to him but, regardless, to do that in the final is some feat – in fact, he became the first player to do so since darts legend Phil Taylor back in 2010.

There was nothing but admiration from his opponent too, with Humphries applauding and embracing the teenager who has quickly become his biggest and most competitive rival, not to mention an inspiration for a whole new generation of darts players.


Here’s another look at the limbs in London for good measure:

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The impressive 11th leg proved to be decisive for Littler as well, with both players pushing each other throughout the entire match, but you won’t find many better catalysts for a victory than a nine-darter on the biggest stage.

Visibly more chuffed and celebratory after he got his hands on the trophy, he was quick to call out “the doubters” and since he’s a massive Man United fan too, depending on the FA Cup final result, he could be about to have a very, very good weekend.


You can watch the moment he secured his debut title below. Congrats again, Luke; there’s certainly no one questioning whether you’re ready for Premier League Darts now – not even a Littler…

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Featured Images — PDC/Sky Sports (via Screenshot)