Manchester City fans criticised for ‘absolutely vile’ amounts of litter after Premier League title win

Not the best look.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 20th May 2024

Swathes of Manchester City fans have been criticised after obscene amounts of litter were left scattered across Cutting Room Square in Ancoats.

The unfortunate scenes were captured after Man City lifted their fourth consecutive Premier League on Sunday, 19 May, securing the record-breaking title on the final day.

Since the popular city centre square is one of those closest to the Etihad Stadium, City fans obviously partied hard following the impressive achievement but disappointingly left large piles of litter behind them.

Filming the state of the area after City supporters began to clear out, one TikTok user said, “The amount of rubbish left in Ancoats by football fans is absolutely vile”.

@xxjrbrt Honestly wtf #manchester #ancoats #manchestercity #abcxyz ♬ som original – erica ୨ৎ

As you can see, the floor and countless outdoor benches were covered in empty cans and bottles as the camera pans to show bins overflowing.


While you can only see a few City shirts left in the background, similar complaints have been made in previous years and there were also reports of the nearby Cotton Field Park in neighbouring New Islington being forced to close early after being ‘overwhelmed’ by fans and litter.

Although there are plenty of comments arguing that the “council should put more bins out. Simple” and that “this only happens one day a year”, just as many have condemned the behaviour as “feral”, “horrendous” and “so depressing to see”.


Others brushed it off by simply quipping, “Make Ancoats rough again”, “That’s how [it] looked 10-15 years ago anyway” and “This is actually from Barry Manilow. There’s no way City would get this many people out”.

Supporters were also criticised for invading the pitch after full-time – and trying to before the whistle had even been blown, in fact.

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With a domestic double-winning title parade still set to take place next month, the chance of similar scenes of rubbish as thousands of City fans descend on the city centre is very likely.


The Blues take on Man United in another consecutive Manchester derby FA Cup final and just the second in the competition’s history.

Here’s hoping the levels of litter in and around Wembley will be less shocking.

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Featured Images — xxjrbrt (via TikTok)