Pep Guardiola puts down journalist with a hilarious comeback in post-match press conference

None taken, Pep.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 21st February 2024

Pep Guardiola had very little time for journalists and speculation on Tuesday night following Manchester City’s 1-0 win over Brentford as he had no time hesitation in telling a media member, “My life is better than yours” in his post-match press conference.

A bit brutal? Perhaps. Funny though? Most definitely.

After one reporter decided to ask him the question, “What’s wrong with being a journalist?” in response to an earlier remark made by Guardiola at the start of the presser, he had a very quick and amusing answer that has unsurprisingly gone viral on social media.

He doesn’t mince his words, does he, ‘r Pep?

Pep Guardiola 1-0 Journalist.

The short-lived tête-à-tête transpired as a result of the sports writer questioning why the 53-year-old Man City manager brought up journalists in an earlier answer in which he suggested to another reporter in the room how he never wanted to be in the profession, personally.


The press conference started with questions about Erling Haaland whose return to the scoresheet saw City get over the line on the night but who had been struggling a little to be as clinical with his goalscoring chances of late.

When asked if he would have liked anyone other than the big number nine running through on goal, Pep responded: “When I was young… never, ever as a person was [I] a journalist, I’m not and I will not be, so [when] top scorers score a lot of goals, don’t criticise — he will shut your mouth, that’s for sure.”


Sticking up for his star striker further, he also noted that Haaland had been out injured for two months and had “an incredibly tough week” after losing his grandmother. Nevertheless, the journalist still rolled the dice on asking his question and, well, you can see the full awkward exchange in glorious HD here.

He reminded the journo that it’s not always easy to be a ‘human being’ and that there’s plenty more going on beyond football.

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l mean, comparatively as a multi-millionaire former footballer, treble-winner and one of the best coaches to ever walk the Earth, he’s absolutely right and he was clearly trying to lead those in the room away from quizzing him on the 23-year-old recent form — we just weren’t expecting to such a swift roast.

The Blues are now sat in second place just one point behind leaders Liverpool having played the same amount of fixtures and with a very similar goal difference.


With Arsenal just a point behind them and even Aston Villa giving it a good go at the front of the chasing pack in the European places, it’s looking like the season is going to go right down to the wire.

You can watch the highlights from Man City’s hard-fought Premier League win over Brentford down below:

He’s still on for the Golden Boot with 17 goals in the league, by the way — hardly a measly tally.

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