Football fans are debating who’s better, Virgil van Dijk or Vincent Kompany — and things are getting feisty

We're here for passionate and downright furious debate, nothing else. Proceed.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 26th February 2024

Following Sunday’s League Cup final, in which Liverpool beat Chelsea to lift the trophy for the 10th time, football fans have been left arguing amongst themselves as to who was better, Virgil van Dijk or Vincent Kompany — and the debate is as furious as it is funny.

The Dutch centre-back scored the only goal to win the EFL Cup for the second time and once again proved to be the difference for Liverpool, but his decisive action also sparked the debate amongst Scousers and more as to where he lands amongst the greatest Premier League centre-back of all time.

Well, it wasn’t much of a debate for half of Merseyside, as a number of posts on social media were quick to proclaim van Dijk as the very best in history, brushing past plenty of other options like John Terry, Nemanja Vidić and more, but most notably it would seem, Man City legend Vincent Kompany.

Safe to say people on both sides are staunchly defending both center-halves just as much as each other and it’s produced some classic online footy fan discussion and downright outrage in some cases.

The replies are delightful.

The 32-year-old’s trophy cabinet now includes two EFL Cups, a Premier League title and the Champions League, an FA Cup; a Charity Shield, the UEFA Super Cup and a Club World Cup, not to mention multiple personal accolades.


By no means a bad haul whatsoever, but now let’s compare it to Kompany‘s tally here during his time in Blue: four league titles, four EFL Cups, two FA Cups and a pair of Charity Shields. More domestic success certainly, but van Dijk’s done it in Europe too — depends on how you weigh everything up.

One of the key differences noted by many supporters between the two in the wake of van Dijk’s man-of-the-match performance was that whereas he scored a winner in the Carabao Cup, Kompany scored an absolute iconic screamer to go top of the league and effectively beat Liverpool to the title in 2018/19.


As for scoring winners in cup finals, many a player has achieved that feat (defenders included) and beyond just the current Burnley manager himself, the floor has also been opened plenty by fans who think there is a laundry list of other names that come ahead of the Liverpool star.

Perfectly measured and sensible discussion on football Twitter, as per.

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We’re not even going to pretend to have an answer to this one, we’re just going to sit back and enjoy the to-and-fro whilst waiting for the next one to inevitably roll around soon enough.

All we will say is that Kompany captained one of the most dominant sides this country has ever seen and we’ll comfortably stick our neck out and say that ‘Vinny, don’t shoot!’ moment wasn’t just better than VVD’s extra-time header but is probably one of the most iconic goals in Premier League history.


So go on then, who do you think will go down as the better defender, Virgil van Dijk or Vincent Kompany?

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Featured Images — Mike Serigrapher (via Flickr)/Virgil van Dijk/Liverpool (via IG)