The Manc 2019

Manchester, the GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD. 500 square miles filled with PASSIONATE people who call it home. Mancunians, Mancs, Northern Monkeys - you’ve heard it all, r kid. And so have we, because The Manc is a LOCAL NEWS PUBLISHER FOR MANCUNIANS, BY MANCUNIANS.

We are every single one of you, and because of that, we wear our HEART ON OUR SLEEVE.

As an audience-first social media publisher focused on everything Greater Manchester, we’ve managed to build a LOYAL audience of over HALF A MILLION of you. Our aim? To make sure you’re IN THE KNOW, ENTERTAINED and EDUCATED on what’s happened, or what’s happening, in our great city.

We tell it how it is and PULL NO PUNCHES, because that’s the Mancunian way, and no matter what we distribute across our platforms, we expect the same from you. Community is everything, and we want to provide you with a place to speak your mind and be passionate about the place that you, and we, call home.

From funny and relatable to hard-hitting and serious, our content is tailored around one thing: You, and your love for the place where WE DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY.

But don't just take our word for it, check out the cold, hard stats that prove The Manc is the only show in town by clicking this link.