British man demolishes 18 pies in under an hour in huge eating challenge

Max Stanford

It’s true that no one loves a pie quite like us Northerners, but it seems there’s a Southerner giving us a run for our money.

Reckon you’ve got an appetite for pies?

Well, whatever you think about the size of your stomach when it comes to pastry chomping, the likelihood is that it isn’t as large as that of Max Stanford.

Amateur competitive eater Max – who is known as Max vs Food online and is currently ranked number two in the British Eating League – recently took on a pie and mash challenge and scoffed down 18 pies, as well as seven large helpings of mash and liquor, all in less than 45 minutes.

Yes, as mad as it sounds, he managed to defeat this 8,000 calorie beast in under an hour.

Max Stanford

The London-native completed the challenge at well-known traditional pie and mash eatery Manzes in Peckham and successfully consumed a five kilogram plate that was said to be “the size of a toddler” in just three quarters of an hour.

Speaking to LADbible about tackling the challenge, Max said: “I ate 18 traditional beef pies and seven portions of mash and liquor weighting a total of 5kg/11lb from Manze’s Pie and Mash shop in Peckham, which I finished in 43 minutes.

“It was definitely one of the hardest and biggest food challenges I have ever done.”

He’s managed to complete a wide range of challenges in the past, but nothing compares to this one.

He continued: “I could think of nothing better than pie, mash and liquor. I’ve always gone to the Manzes pie and mash shop throughout my childhood with my Dad.”

Taking to social media to congratulate “incredibly nice guy” Max on successfully completing the challenge, Manzes Pie and Mash said: “We welcomed Max into our Peckham shop. [He] has grown up eating pie and mash and he wanted to challenge himself – well boy did he do that,

“18 pies, [seven] mash and a load of liquor in under 45 minutes – he awaits a challenger.”

They also wished him “good luck” with the competitive eating and admitted that he is “smashing it”.

You can watch Max conquer the 8,000 calories on YouTube here:

We’re full from just watching that.

After successfully managing to pull off this monster of a challenge, we think Max deserves an honorary Northerner title for this one, right? He could relocate to Wigan anytime.

Nice one, mate.

You can keep up to date with Max Stanford’s latest eating challenges on Instagram and YouTube.

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