Cheshire girl mortified after accidentally buying ‘adult toy’ on mum’s eBay account

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A single girl was left mortified to discover she accidentally bought a sex toy on her mum's eBay account - prompting her to ask "are you lonely?".

Jessica Smith, 22 from Chester, had heard from a friend that she could buy a purple 'Rampant Rabbit' off the auction website for relatively cheap and then decided to try it for herself.

Intending to purchase the item as a guest, Jessica hadn't actually realised that she was still logged in to her mum's account.

It wasn't until the following afternoon, when her mother, Jackie Dixon, sent over a screenshot of the £13 purchase confirmation, alongside a message saying "what's this?", that Jessica even caught on to the mix up.

To make matters even worse by following up her initial message, Jackie then comically asked "are you lonely?" before suggesting to Jessica that "perhaps you need to get your own eBay".

Left pretty unsure of what else to say, Jessica then replied with "I want to die", which sounds about right in this situation.

After posting the hilarious exchange on Twitter, Jessica's tweet went viral and amassed over 80,000 likes. It even left some users wondering whether the sex toy was used or brand new, which is a pretty apt question given what eBay is known for, let's face it.

Speaking to Kennedy News, Jessica said: "I was absolutely mortified. I wanted the ground to swallow me up. I was just so embarrassed, I couldn't reply straight away. I didn't know what to say."

"Mum hasn't stopped making fun of me since. It's a really good job she's a good sport. She's told me to stock up on batteries too."

"I just did it on my phone without thinking I would still be logged in to mum's account. I was meant to check out as a guest, but that obviously didn't happen."

"It's the first one I’ve ever bought."

"It's meant to arrive on Monday [and] I'm looking forward to it to be honest."

The second hand embarrassment really jumped out with this one, didn't it ? Rather you than us Jessica!