Couples can get paid £35k to live in the Scottish countryside

Geograph / Walter Baxter

What would be your dream job?

From being paid a salary to play Animal Crossing, to becoming a professional wine taster, there’s been some pretty exciting and unique job opportunities cropping up over the last few months of lockdown, but now that elements of normality have begun to resume, there’s a new career prospect that couples are going to love.

Looking to disappear off the grid for a bit? Need some R&R in the countryside? Fancy a simpler life?

If the hustle and bustle of town and city life often tends to get a bit overwhelming for you, or it has been more so than ever in recent months, then an owner of a set of luxurious cottages wants to pay couples up to £35,000 to live in the Scottish countryside.

According to a listing on jobs website Greycoat Lumley, the owner of eight cottages in a quaint village in the Scottish borders – is looking to hire a couple to help maintain the homes.

Not only is the salary is £35,000 a year, but as part of the deal, you’ll also get to live rent-free in one of the cosy two-bedroom properties in the idyllic countryside. Oh, and your council tax and utility bills will be covered too, so you don’t even have to worry about that either.

Crabtree & Crabtree
Crabtree & Crabtree

The eight cottages are located in Dryburgh, near the town of Melrose and right by the River Tweed, and they each boast cosy interiors that still offering plenty of space, sprawling gardens and a generally picturesque setting.

What does the role entail then? According to the job description, it includes responsibilities such as general maintenance of the properties and grounds, managing cleaners, shopping for supplies, arranging flowers, laundry and ironing, and other errands that may need doing.

According to the listing, the hired couple will be reporting directly to the cottages’ owner, and must be “pro active, hardworking and organised”.

Even better, if you have a pet, you need not worry about having to leave your furry friend behind either because you’ll be allowed to bring your animal along to live with you, as the listing states that pets are welcome “within reason”.

Crabtree & Crabtree

You can find our more information and apply for the role via the Greycoat Lumley website here.

If you don’t fancy moving to the Scottish boarders full-time though however, but you still fancy a chance to escape for a short staycation, the good news is that each of the eight cottages are also available for holiday bookings and you can view them on the Crabtree & Crabtree website.

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