How to get rid of your Christmas tree in Greater Manchester

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 29th December 2021

The festive season is, sadly, beginning to wind down, and over the coming days we’ll all be stripping the decorations off our Christmas trees.

For those of us who went for a real tree this year, there’s always the concern of how to actually get rid of the thing once the celebrations are done.

You can take your tree to a local recycling centre, but if you don’t fancy a boot full of pine needles, local councils are also offering collections.

Just remember to use all traces of tinsel, baubles, fairy lights and whatever else you’ve used to decorate.

Here’s what you need to know for each Greater Manchester borough.



It’s dead easy to recycle your real Christmas tree if you live in Manchester.

Just leave it next to your green bin on any of the green bin collection days in January and they’ll take it away for you.



Christmas tree collections are running across Greater Manchester. Credit: Unsplash

Real Salford Christmas trees need to go in the garden waste bin, which is the one with the pink lid.

As with all the boroughs, it needs to be chopped up so the lid shuts, with no branches thicker than your wrist.


You can stick your Christmas tree in the green bin in Wigan, chopping it down into pieces if you need to.


Wigan Council will accept any branches smaller than 15cm in diameter, so if your tree is bigger than that, you’ll need to dispose of it another way.


Bolton Council will come and collect, and recycle, your real tree – but for a fee.

For £16, they’ll collect your tree. Just call 01024 336632 before Friday January 7 to arrange.


Credit: Unsplash

Bury locals – you’re going to need to get your Christmas tree into your brown bin, unless you fancy a trip to a recycling centre.

It needs to fit inside with the lid fully closed before the council will collect it.



In Rochdale, you can put the base of your tree in your dark green bin, then chop up the rest and put it in the brown bin (as long as the lid can close).

The trunk needs to be thinner than your wrist, as a guideline – if it’s bigger than that, you’ll have to take it to a recycling point, which are listed here.


If you live in Oldham, you’re another one who can recycle your tree just in the same way you would your normal garden waste.

Just chop it up and stick it in your green recycling bin ready for collection as normal.


In Tameside, real trees can just be left out with your brown bins ready for recycling – with collections set to take place on January 10.


The council will also collect your additional recyclable waste (and we’ve all got tonnes of that after Christmas), as long as it’s left out with your black or blue bins in a clear or labelled bag.


Stockport is another council that’s happy to take away and recycle your real Christmas tree as they would all your garden waste.

Chop it up to compost in your green bin.


Trafford Council will no longer take your tree away if it’s left beside your bin, so you’re going to have to chop it up and stick it in your green bin.

The lid needs to close and all decorations and bases need to be removed (they can go in your grey bin if you don’t want to reuse them next year).

Featured image: Flickr