Kids can get £1 meals at Asda this summer to tackle ‘holiday hunger’

The supermarket giant says the offer is to ensure those who normally rely on a free school meal "aren't left without".

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 8th July 2022

Asda has announced that all children can grab a free meal for just £1 at its in-store cafes throughout the UK this summer.

As the rising cost of living crisis continues to make its impact felt across the country, and inflation reaches record-highs, leading supermarket retailer Asda has hatched a plan to tackle “holiday hunger” for struggling families during the school summer holidays.

With fears that many families could fall victim to food poverty over the extended break, Asda has announced that all children under the age of 16 can grab themselves a meal for £1 with no minimum adult spend.

The £1 meal offer will be available any time of the day, seven days a week.

Parents of babies and toddlers won’t be left out of the offer either, as the supermarket giant will also be providing free pouches of Ella’s Kitchen baby food too.


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Speaking on the retailer’s decision to introduce the offer ahead of the start of the school summer holidays across the UK, a spokesperson for Asda said: “We know that families can find the summer holidays tough and our customers are telling us that this year more than ever, they’re concerned about holiday hunger.

The £1 meal offer will be available any all UK Asda cafes, at time of the day, seven days a week / Credit: Asda Corporate

“With that in mind, we are so pleased to be able children’s meals for just £1, with no minimum adult spend.

“This is to ensure that those who would normally rely on a school meal aren’t left without.”

The £1 meals scheme has already been launched in Scotland and Northern Ireland, with England and Wales to follow from 25 July, and it will be available right up until 4 September.

Featured Image – Matt Timbers (via Sigma RP & Asda)