Love Island newcomer from Wigan ‘cancelled’ within 24hrs for ‘racist’ Tweet

The tweet in question, containing the N-word, has now been deleted from his account.

The Manc The Manc - 16th July 2021

Love Island newcomer Danny Bibby is facing backlash on social media after an alleged racial slur was spotted on his Twitter account by eagle eyed viewers of the show.

The 25-year-old plumber from Wigan is set to head into the Mallorca villa this evening for a date with original islander Kaz, however, his dad has had to defend his son today after posts attempting to ‘cancel’ him began appearing on Twitter.

The tweet in question, containing the N-word, has now been deleted from his account after it was reported by users and had received hundreds of replies.

Now fans of the ITV2 show are campaigning for bosses to remove him from tonight’s programme and the series all together.

In a statement issued in response to the tweet, Danny’s father, Richard, said: “Danny does not have a racist bone in his body and there were no racist intentions to this post.


“Although it was not done maliciously, it was a mistake. I absolutely apologise on his behalf for the offence this wording may have caused. That would never have been his intention.”

In yesterday’s instalment of Love Island, the contestants were thrilled to learn that a new boy had invited Kaz Kamwi, who has been struggling to find love in the villa, out for a romantic date.


In tonight’s episode, viewers will catch up with Kaz and Danny as they enjoy that date before returning to the villa.

It will air at 9pm on ITV2.