Man gets pay rise for hard work then calls in sick for celebrating too hard

This makes me proud to be British.

The Manc The Manc - 26th March 2021

We’re very good at celebrating in Britain. Too good, even. In a normal world, we celebrate most things by heading straight to the pub and forgetting what we even achieved the morning after. It’s just engrained in us.

Pay rises are probably one of the most common reasons to go out and get smashed after work and the following story sums up British culture perfectly – while making me miss actually going to work and then going to the pub several times a week.

Posting on Reddit, user Izzard711 (the boss in this story) states: “Gave a guy at work a good pay rise for hard work and this is the message I got the next day, this is how you know you’re British.


“Morning. Sorry about this but may I take today as leave? I had a drink last night to celebrate and I went overboard, got drunk, now sick as a dog. Bad hangover, not going to clear for hours I can feel it. Is leave today ok mate?”

Absolute classic British behaviour.


The post has since gone viral on CasualUK, a subreddit famed for containing very British humour and relatable content from the UK.

One person responded to the post, writing: “When I was 21 I had a boss who said if you’re hung over and you need the day off then please be honest and il give you it as holiday. 6 months later all is good at work and I’m doing well, I bump into a mate who I hadn’t seen in a year at my local.


“You know the drill, just one more turns into 10 plus chasers. I phoned my boss and was honest and I got the bollocking of my life! I didn’t last long after that.”

It’s safe to say not everyone has a boss like Izzard711, especially Warbieful, who wrote: “My boss would charge me to come to work if he could.”

He does, mate. That’s how jobs work.

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