Manchester tops list of UK places where motorists are most likely to get a parking fine

Not exactly ideal.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 12th February 2024

A list of the UK places where motorists are most likely to get handed a parking fine has been released… and it’s grim reading for Mancs.

That’s because our city has, unfortunately, claimed the top spot.

In recent months, Manchester has found itself either at the top of, or ranking amongst, a couple of not-so-desirable lists, including being home to the ‘nosiest’ neighbours, the city with the lowest rate of fixed reported potholes, and, probably the worst of them all, one of the UK’s ‘chlamydia capitals’.

And now it seems we’ve done it again – but this time around, it’s drivers who need to take note and keep an eye on where they leave their vehicles.

Manchester’s less-than-ideal new title as the UK’s number one parking fine hotspot comes after injury lawyer experts at recently carried out a study where they analysed Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) data from 2020 to 2021 in a bid to find out which towns, cities, and regions have been the hardest hit by motoring fines.


On top of this, they also looked at which UK areas residents have been the most successful at appealing these notices.

As mentioned, Manchester came in at number one on the top 10 list, with an eye-watering rate of 99,348 PCNs issued per 100,000 people – which is a whopping 901.33% higher than the national average of 9,922 notices per 100,000 people.


Manchester saw the most penalty charge notices issued of any area in the UK, with 546,270 fines issued overall, and considering that the population of the area that the City of Manchester covers is only 549,853, that’s almost one penalty charge notice for every person.

Of those 546,270 fines, only 660 were appealed, and just 478 were successfully overturned following those appeals.

Brighton and Hove, Reading, Cambridgeshire, and Nottingham round out the top five.


The top 10 parking fine hotspots in the UK

  1. Manchester
  2. Brighton & Hove
  3. Reading
  4. Cambridgeshire
  5. Nottingham
  6. Bristol
  7. Cardiff
  8. Slough
  9. Portsmouth
  10. Derby
The city has been named the UK’s top PCN hotspot / Credit: Ocean Outdoor

Elsewhere on the list, Bristol has secured sixth place, with the Welsh capital of Cardiff trailing not so far behind, followed by Slough and Portsmouth, and the midlands city region of Derby rounding out the top 10 rankings.

Across each area of the UK, the average number of PCNs issued over the period worked out to be 26,512 – which is a total of 9,922 per 100,000 people.

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On the other end of the spectrum, Hyndburn in Lancashire was revealed as the UK area that’s the least likely to be hit with a PCN, seeing only a minuscule 46 fines issued between 2020 and 2021, which works out to a rate of just 56 fines per 100,000 people.

Featured Image – Thorntons Solicitors