Marmite Cream Cheese and Marmite Butter actually exist – and they’re both on sale right now

Two new varieties of Marmite have appeared on shelves at M&S that are sure to further emphasise the brand's bizarre reputation.

The Manc The Manc - 19th August 2020

Marmite’s age-old, ingenious marketing campaign – ‘you either love it or hate it’ – has put the brand name into day-to-day language.

Whenever there’s something – or someone – that attracts polar opposite opinions, it’s referred to as ‘Marmite’.

For over a century, this food spread has been divisive enough in its classic format.

But now, two new varieties have appeared on shelves at M&S – adding to Marmite’s already-bizarre reputation.

Yep, the toast topper is available in a fresh flavour… and also a different design.


M&S has started selling a Cream Cheese version of Marmite – currently discounted to £2.10 a jar according to the word on social media.

This could be a baffling or beautiful blend depending on your attitude; and according to M&S, it’s best enjoyed over a bagel, mixed in with pasta or dumped in a bowl of tomato soup.


Ok, then.

Then, there’s Marmite Creamy Butter available for three quid – which can be smeared on a jacket potato or piled on top of bread or toast.

If you’re a Marmite fan, head down to your local M&S and keep your eyes peeled for these products.

They’re both available right now.