Money pies, condoms and cherry-pickers: The mad marketing of Manchester startup Caroo

‘Businesses do some pretty weird stuff to market themselves. But we’ll bet you a tenner they’re not as weird as the stuff we do.

You don’t get many companies publishing a statement like this on their website. Particularly in the hiring sector.

But Caroo isn’t your run-of-the-mill recruitment company. In fact, to call them ‘different’ would be to do them a disservice.

Between money-stuffed pies and sham parking tickets, some of the PR stunts they’ve pulled in Manchester have been some of the most inventive and peculiar in recent memory.

Led by Managing Director Gareth Peterson, Caroo has packed pastries with £50 notes, distributed fake penalty notes to Manc drivers, and even given away branded condoms.

Gareth himself even scaled a cherry-picker and held signs up to office windows that read: ‘Fed up of working here? Search Caroo.’

He also drove an ad van around the city that had ‘Download our app for a BJ* – *better job’ plastered to the side.

So, why the weirdness?


Caroo wants to align a disruptive product with disruptive marketing campaigns.

As a technology business aiming to transform the hiring experience, Caroo is completely reimagining recruitment; offering features that make the process less painful than ever.

The brand has built a recruitment experience that people actually want – using feedback from companies and applicants to steer development.

Features include full anonymity for candidate profiles (meaning your current boss and colleagues can’t snoop on your hunt for a new role) and a newsfeed platform that enables employers to create bespoke content and target it only to relevant professionals.

Caroo has proven a big hit with big brands, too – striking partnerships with Co-Op, Missguided, On the Beach, Gymshark and Adidas. 

Caroo MD Gareth and his team have been plotting their next eye-popping stunt as we speak, which remains top secret but is expected to land mid-September. 

“We believe a disruptive start-up needs a disruptive approach to marketing – so I’m more than happy to lead the charge and embarrass myself,” says Gareth.

“Employers have been getting a raw deal for way too long when it comes to hiring talent – so we created Caroo.

“We understood all the bug bears employers and candidates face during the recruitment process, and built a platform that makes that process much smoother.”

Learn more about the ways in which Caroo have been causing chaos by visiting their website.

You can also discover more by downloading the app here.

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