M&S is selling ‘Chip Shop Scraps’ in a pot and people can’t believe it

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Marks & Spencer has caused a bit of commotion online this past weekend after eagle-eyed shoppers discovered the store is selling their own version of ‘Chip Shop Scraps’ in a plastic pot .

The popular food retailer has become a topic of conversation and regional debate after writer and Twitter user @tash_wynarczyk shared a picture to the social media platform.

The image showed the pots of batter being peddled for £1.05, with an accompanying caption that read: “can’t believe they’ve [M&S] gentrified scraps.”

The tweet went on to generate over 2.3K retweets, 17K likes and hundreds of comment responses.

Some were excited by the product. But others were aghast.

One person even went as far as to call the boxed scraps an “insult”, whilst many more rushed in to criticise the price tag.

Historically, scraps have been given away in local chippies for free. So, it’s unsurprising so many northerners are having difficulty getting their heads around the fact this batter is now being sold in supermarket pots for over a quid.

Some users even accused the shop of getting the name wrong – claiming they’re “called bits not scraps.”

But that’s a whole other debate.

Reckon you’ll end up popping into M&S and trying these at some point? Or will you stick to your local chippy?

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