Mum left ‘fuming’ after cat mistakes a snowy Elf on the Shelf prank for a litter tray

Not quite the surprise they were expecting to see.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 21st December 2020
Facebook – Katie Wright

A mum has been left “fuming” after her elderly cat mistook the snowy Elf On The Shelf scene she created for her kids for a litter tray.

As many parents up and down the country will know, unique and exciting ‘Elf on the Shelf’ ideas can be quite hard to come by, but mum-of-two Katie Wright hatched the brilliant plan to create a snow angel scene by simply spreading sugar across the kitchen worktops and placing the mischievous elf in the middle to surprise her children.

But they ended up with a little more of a surprise than they were expecting.

It turns out the Elf On The Shelf wasn’t quite as mischievous as the family cat Tilly though, who mistook the sugar for her litter tray and left a poo on the worktop, leaving Katie and the kids to come downstairs to an “overpowering smell” in the morning.

Katie might not have quite seen the funny side of it all, explaining that she was “fuming” her Elf on the Shelf plans didn’t work out, but thousands of people on social media certainly got a laugh out of it.


After taking to Facebook to share some rather grim photographic evidence of the ‘surprise’ left by the cat, Katie’s post has since gone on to amass well over 25K interactions, and thousands of shares and comments by people all across the globe who were entertained and disgusted by the incident both at the same time.

It’s certainly not something you see every day.


Speaking to The Sun about the unfortunate event, 34-year-old Katie – who is mum to Oscar, four and Kiera, two – said: “It’s only my first year doing the elf as my eldest is only just four,”

“Oscar has really enjoyed it though and we’ve taken it easy knowing we probably have a decade of elf placements ahead of us. So when I saw online someone do the snow angel elf, I thought that would be nice and easy.

“It only took five minutes so I took a picture and headed off to bed.


“In the morning Oscar came running into my room asking to find the elf and raced downstairs, but the minute we walked through the dining room, the smell was over powering. My first thought wasn’t that is was anything to do with the elf – I picked Oscar up, worried we were about to step in something.”

Katie explained she finally found the source of the smell and burst into hysterical laughter.

“The smell got stronger and I saw it… a giant poo with the elf,” she said.

“I screamed but my son luckily just laughed and shouted ‘poo on the kitchen.’ I was a bit frantic [and] I knew Kiera was on her way in and there was a giant poo to keep them away from, so I was flapping a bit and all of a sudden the cat jumped back up and started shuffling the sugar and I thought ‘oh god she’s going to wee too’, so I chased her out the cat flap and suddenly burst into hysterical laughter.

“Oscar thought I was crying and started saying ‘it’s ok mum’.”

Katie Wright / Caters News Agency

Not expecting the post to go viral social media, Katie said: “I posted online and it went mad. I suppose it is funny – it looks as though my Elf on the Shelf for the day was a giant poo.

“Not exactly mother of the year as I had to swear Oscar to secrecy when he went to school later that day.

“Tilly, our cat is a diva – she’s really not liking of human company.

“She was ok and would accept the odd cuddle pre-children, but she’s really never forgiven us for having the children. It didn’t help that we’ve been renovating this big house and have just moved in so she’s had a litter tray for a month.

“She was probably just desperate and really, she’s just an old lady that wants to be left alone.”