Neighbours paint designated parking space for NHS nurse outside her house

Lee Abu Eoghan

There are some really great people in Greater Manchester.

This is just brilliant.

Following the #clapforNHS, which united the the nation at 8pm last Thursday amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic,  a post showing an amazing act of local kindness for our NHS heroes from neighbours in Wigan has gone viral over the weekend.

Pictures showing a specially marked parking space on the road and a 'Space Reserved' sign on the pavement outside the house of an NHS nurse in Golborne has received an outpouring of support online and has warmed the hearts of the borough and beyond.

Posted in the 'Golborne & Lowton: A Local Group For Local People' community Facebook group on Saturday, Lee Abu Eoghan expressed gratitude and thanked neighbours for their kind deed on behalf of himself and his wife. The post has now gained thousands of likes, comments and shares from people touched by the action.

The post read: "After my wife went to work at the hospital this morning, I opened the curtains and saw this on the road".

"Like all busy streets, she normally ends up parking away from the house as there's no space near it when she comes home from her shifts".

Lee Abu Eoghan

He continued: "No one has a right to park in front of their own house, but what absolutely gorgeous caring neighbours who have done this for her".

"Such a caring touch".

"She was emotional when the street clapped for the NHS in the week, this will do her in. Let's keep supporting our nurses and NHS!".

The heartwarming post has also been re-shared on Twitter this morning by Helen Pidd, once again amassing hundreds of retweets and likes in just a few hours since posting and still continuing to gain traction.

Many users also replied to share their words of support for the neighbourly action.

Keep going Manchester - we really are all in this together!

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