New survey reveals lockdown has made cats more friendly to their owners

Cats are getting friendlier? Lockdown really is changing everything.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 18th August 2020

Whether you can believe it or not, a new survey has revealed that cats have become more friendly to their owners over the past few months of lockdown.

As most cat owners will tell you, these furry creatures aren’t always known for their friendly natures, or should we just say, they don’t exactly wear their affection on their sleeves in the same as their canine counterparts are known to do, but the feline sass is part of what distinguishes cat people from dog people after all.

It seems now though that the lines of friendliness are being blurred a little.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has altered everyone’s perspectives on life and this newly-conduced survey by Direct Line has shown that our pets are no different.


Nearly 90% of respondents to the survey who have a cat in their lives said that their feline friend had provided them emotional support since March.


One woman who responded to the survey revealed that her 15-year-old cat named Humphrey has been a lot more affectionate during lockdown and said: “He has never been a cuddly cat and didn’t enjoy a tickle like other cats I’ve had.

“He is a friendly boy, but he’s very aloof and loved being out and about, but a few weeks into lockdown he started sitting on my lap when I’m watching TV, which wouldn’t have happened before, and now he likes coming up to bed with us. I always take the dogs out last thing and Humph now waits for me in the garden.”


A further 51% of respondents also said that their cat has been outside considerably less during the lockdown.

Although this feline affection will have been lovely while it lasted, when it comes to cat owners heading back into work post-lockdown, don’t be expecting your cat to be clawing at your leg and begging you to stay as according to Veterinarian Dr Kate Adams, “cats will probably be very glad when we all go back to work”.

“They’ll probably be like, ‘Okay, bye guys, I want this house back to myself now.” she added.

Some things never change, do they?