One man’s chaotic mission to drink 15 Boddingtons on Boxing Day

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 29th December 2021

A man who decided to drink 15 Boddingtons in one go on Boxing Day has gone viral after live-tweeting the chaotic experience.

Stand-up comedian Rob Copland set out on a mission to beat his record from 2020 of 12 cans of the bitter.

And although things got a little messy – and riddled with typos – towards the end, this admirable chap did indeed manage to drink 15 Boddingtons.

Along the way, an inebriated Rob was flummoxed by a board game, confused by the concept of time, and left ‘irritable and thirsty’ with ‘horrific farts’.

In a video of his last mouthful of his fifteenth Boddingtons, Rob is seeing flopping back on the sofa, saying “I’m so happy” and giggling, while in the background it sounds very much like someone is making cocktails.


Because what this man now needs is more alcohol…

His proud father, Alan, made a regular appearance in the Twitter thread too, pouring Rob’s drinks (though occasionally pouring them over his head), and even ‘building a monument’ out of the empty cans on the windowsill.


Rob wrote, as he started on pint 10: “Didn’t realise my dad was gunna feature so heavily in this but actually really happy that he’s been part of the process.

“Couldn’t have done it with out him, cheers Alan. I’m pretty pissed now tbh.”

Other highlights included this insight into the family chat: “We’re having a big argument about where Denvor Colorado is…. I haven’t got a fucking clue but I’m enjoying the drama,” and Rob losing all sense of time (and typing) in this Tweet: “I can’t belive it’s inky 6:17pm. Feels like 11 or 12 maybe?”


Tens of thousands of people have liked and shared Rob’s thread.

One person replied: “Wish my family were as supportive as yours. I drank 2 bottles of [pro]secco, served dinner 4 hours late, sat on my 18 year old nephews knee & punched my 13 year old son in the head for asking his Dad to ‘sort me out’. Now everyone’s in a mood with me, dunno what’s up with them.”

Another person wrote: “I feel like anyone who wants to understand the UK’s national character should study this thread.”

One person’s even gone to visit the Boddington’s can monument since Boxing Day for a selfie.

You can read the full, bonkers, thread in all its glory below.

Featured image: Twitter @robertdcopland