‘Outspoken’ schoolgirl writes five-page letter begging McDonald’s to deliver to her area

The 10-year-old also explained that if McDonald's were to meet her demands, a lot of other children would be "very happy".

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 2nd July 2021

An “outspoken” schoolgirl has gone viral after writing a five-page letter in felt tip saying how disappointed she was that McDonald’s didn’t deliver to her area.

In her letter, which has been described as “polite but firm”, 10-year-old Georgia May Hibbert explained that she’d been looking forward to a Happy Meal from the fast food giant during her self-isolation after having to take a COVID test at school.

She was, however, upset to discover that McDonald’s didn’t actually deliver to her home in Wheelton, Chorley.

So upset in fact, that she took felt pen to paper to suggest McDonald’s reconsider.

The thoughtful youngster even explained that if McDonald’s were to meet her demands, a lot of other children would be “very happy”, and it would also help the entire company as they were losing a “lot of money” by not doing it.


Georgia made sure to stress though that while she had very strong opinions on the matter, McDonald’s still remained “top of her takeaway list”.

A section of the letter read: “I’m currently self isolating at the moment because I’ve been in contact with someone with COVID-19, so I’ve done a COVID test and for my reward I was going to get a McDonald’s for tea, but after I got all excited about it, apparently you don’t deliver to my house.


“I live about 10-15 minutes away from the nearest McDonald’s restaurant and think it’s odd and disappointing that you don’t deliver to me and many other houses nearby.

“With this in mind, who do you deliver to?”

She concluded her letter saying: “I think it would be helpful to your company and me and all the other children if you add more destinations to your delivery list.


“I may only be a 10-year-old but I can make a difference [and] my goal is to get your company to listen to me and for you to get my argument across politely.

“I do feel very strong about my opinion and I hope we can compromise.”

Georgia’s mum Mary Hibbert explained that the letter was not out of character for her daughter as she enjoys getting her opinions across, adding: “She was obviously a bit annoyed about not being able to have McDonald’s so she took herself off and started writing notes.

“I assume McDonald’s doesn’t deliver to our area because it’s a distance issue, but like she said in her letter, it’s only a 15 minute drive [and] we would usually drive out to get it ourselves, but we were having to self isolate, so we were relying on a delivery option.”

Mary said they had tried to order the food via the My McDonald’s delivery app – which uses Uber Eats and Just Eat for takeaways.

Just Eat stated that it is not the delivery partner for Georgia’s area.

The Hibberts had tried to order the food via the My McDonald’s delivery app / Credit: McDonald’s UK

After the letter was finished, Mary was going to email it to McDonald’s, but couldn’t find the correct address to send it to and decided to stick it up on Twitter instead.

“She’s always been quite outspoken – in a polite way,” Mary continued.

“She’s quite mature for her age, for a 10-year-old [and] she enjoys getting her opinion across.

“She has always enjoyed writing [and] she loves writing stories and poems too.”

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