Police recover stolen motorbike in Stockport in a story ‘you couldn’t make up’

GMP Stockport

Greater Manchester Police has taken to social media this morning to share a comical story of the recovery of a stolen motorbike in Stockport.

In what is the latest in a recent string of stolen bike recoveries by the GMP Stockport policing team, officers recovered the bike – which was stolen from Denton – from the north-eastern Stockport suburb of Brinnington yesterday evening.

This was far from your average vehicle theft recovery though, in fact, it’s one that officers said “you couldn’t make up”.

Recounting the story of the recovery to members of the local community on Facebook, GMP Stockport said: “Another stolen bike recovered,

“Stolen from Denton and recovered from Brinnington, after a youth on the stolen bike [had] seen a police vehicle down the street and while turning the bike around to make good his escape, got the bike stuck in mud and fell off it.

“The youth dusted himself off and made off on foot while the officers remained with the stolen bike,

“For moments later, the youth’s mother to turn up and give the officers abuse for being in the area to cause her little cherub to fall off the STOLEN bike.

“You couldn’t make it up”.

Given the comical nature of the bike recovery, the post has already gone on to rack up hundreds of interactions, shares and comments across various social media platforms, with many praising the officers in their recovery of the stolen property, and expressing disbelief at the irony of the situation.

One person also aptly commented “what a great start of the week” it was for the officers though, with another saying it was “a great story to wake up to” if nothing else.

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