Someone’s made a hyperlapse video guide of the best places to walk your dog in Manchester


Walking is one of the best ways get out into nature and experience everything our area has to offer, and no one loves going for a walk more than our four-legged friends.

Last week we ran through some of our top picks for the best autumnal walks in each Greater Manchester borough, but this week, it’s all about the doggos and thankfully, someone on Reddit – who goes by the name @Icy_Mathematician527 – has made a guide featuring a collection of the best dog walking spots across the region.

So, which locations have made the cut when it comes to the best places to take your pup to let off some steam?

The places currently featured on @Icy_Mathematician527’s as-yet-unfinished list are – Chorlton Ees and Chorlton Water Park, Longford Park, Fletcher Moss Park & Gardens, and the slightly further afield Styal Woods in Wilmslow, and Spud Woods in Lymm, which are both over the border into Cheshire, so there’s plenty of places to choose from.

Apart from this being a tried-and-tested collection of walks enjoyed by @Icy_Mathematician527 and their four-legged friend though, there’s another reason why this guide stands out from the rest and is worth paying attention to.

And that’s because each location on the list comes with a specially-recorded hyperlapse video.

This impressive technology allows you to see just what it’s like to walk around each place and lets you check out what it has to offer before you decide to head there yourself, making it a really useful tool for people unsure of what hidden gems lie within our region.

Fletcher Moss Gardens
Chorlton Water Park

Unfamiliar with the concept of hyperlapse videos?

Hyperlapse or moving time-lapse – sometimes also known as stop-motion time-lapse, walklapse, or spacelapse – is a specific technique in time-lapse photography that is used for creating motion shots.

In its simplest form, a hyperlapse is achieved by moving the camera a short distance between each shot.

The type of hyperlapse used by @Icy_Mathematician527 to create this collection of videos is known as a ‘walking hyperlapse’, which is a special technique that requires a person in the frame to walk at a specified interval, so when played back, the person will appear to be walking at normal speed, while everything else in the video appears to move quickly through the scene.

And it’s safe to say it’s pretty impressive.

Some of the more recent videos are even captured using a 360 degree lense for a fully-immersive experience, but @Icy_Mathematician527 admitted they are still getting to grips with this technique and are hoping to “get a bit better as [they] play with it more”.

Head on over to @Icy_Mathematician527’s Reddit account here to check out these brilliant videos for yourself.

They are also welcoming suggestions for where next to head to across the Greater Manchester region, so don’t forget to add your two cents, and be sure to keep your eye on the r/manchester Reddit thread too if you want to see when new videos are posted.

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