Street invents genius way for older residents to request assistance

Beth Crompton

As the world self-isolates, some are a little more isolated than others.

Many people currently in self-isolation or practising strict social distancing measures will unfortunately find themselves confined to their four walls without anyone they feel comfortable contacting for assistance with shopping, medicine and transport.

One street is looking to change that though, ensuring no resident is left alone.

Posted on Twitter yesterday, Beth Crompton shared a picture of a house on her street with a piece of green card in the window.

What is the green card for? Well, it's all part of an ingenious system devised as a way of assisting the elderly and more vulnerable residents when they need it most amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

In the tweet, which has since gone viral amassing thousands of retweets, likes and comments, Beth explained that each property on the street has a piece of green card placed visibly in the window to indicate a fit welfare state, however this is switched for a piece of red card should that resident require any assistance with shopping, medicine or transport.

This then notifies other residents to step in and help out where they can.

How brilliant is this? It's quite rightly received high praise on social media, with some adding they have adopted the system on their streets too and others discussing how to make the system easily accessible for all to use:

Let's hope this idea is adopted in Manchester some time soon - it could really save lives!

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