Viewers left ‘heartbroken’ after Roy Cropper leaves Coronation Street after 26 years

"If it turns out Roy Cropper actually has left for good, then you may well just cancel Christmas now."

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 25th November 2021

Viewers were left “heartbroken” last night after one long-standing Coronation Street character made a dramatic exit.

Roy Cropper has left the cobbles.

The iconic, fan-favourite character – who is played by actor David Neilson – first arrived in the fictional Manchester-based town of Weatherfield all the way back in July 1995, and has been a mainstay on the popular soap for the past 26 years, but during last night’s episode, he decided to up sticks and leave.

Fans of the soap will know that in recent weeks, Roy has been struggling to come to terms with the fact that the gun Abi Franklin obtained to shoot Corey Brent was the same firearm used to kill Natasha Blakeman.

Abi was stopped from shooting Corey on the night of the sinkhole collapse by Roy, who then covered for the grieving mum when questioned by the police about the incident.


But as viewers know, the gun ended up in the hands of crazed criminal Harvey Gaskell, who was intent on killing Leanne Battersby, but instead shot Natasha in a case of mistaken identity.

When Roy was informed by the police about the connection between the two investigations, he then became been unable to live with the guilt, believing he had a part to play in Natasha’s death, and with all his lies to the law building up, he decided to leave for South America.


Viewers learned that the Roy’s Rolls cafe owner had found a job serving food to conservation workers.

Roy Cropper has left the Coronation Street cobbles after 26 years / Credit: ITV

Roy then got Adam Barlow to sign over his entire estate to his neice Nina Lucas.

He instructed Abi to sell the Woody, but when Nina – who was afraid that Roy was planning to take his own life – learned that he was preparing to leave and did everything in her power to stop him and convince him to stay.


She gathered several of his nearest and dearest – including Fiz Stape, Cathy Matthews, and Carla Connor – to share tales of how Roy had helped him over the years.

But it wasn’t enough, as Roy was adamant that he could not stay in Weatherfield.

Nina tearfully tried one final time to stop him, but he said that the fact he’d even lied to Carla over a voicemail Nina left about Roy being in trouble was proof he had to go, and so he got in a taxi and headed off, leaving fans “heartbroken”.

Featured Image – ITV