You could be Manchester’s next millionaire with FIVE fresh chances to bag a jackpot

Manchester might just get a new millionaire tonight. 

A brand-new lotto betting game is taking the lotto world by storm by giving players FIVE chances to win £1 million with every bet. 

Presenting the aptly titled and unsurprisingly popular Lottoland game: Lotto x5


The latest Lottoland invention does have many similarities with your standard lotto. 

The number choices still range from 1-59, and you can still place your bet online.

But that’s where the comparisons end. 

With Lotto x5, it’s a whole different ball game when it comes to how it works.  

Each £1 bet gives you FIVE chances to win the jackpot.

Plus, there are three draws a week – on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. 

So, for £3, you’d get 15 chances to scoop a cool million.

Placing your bet is simple, too.  

You pick six numbers you like the look of – or get the Lotto QuickPick function to do it for you. 

Your numbers are then entered into a multi-prize draw. 

Cash prizes are awarded if two numbers of your numbers turn up – but getting all six will see the floodgates open and £1 million pour out. 

Win or lose, your numbers are then entered into four additional prize draws – this time for the £1m jackpot only.

Enjoying lotto isn’t just about picking half a dozen numbers anymore. 

It’s about having five chances from one bet to become the next Manc millionaire. 

Learn more about Lotto x5 online

Terms and conditions are available on the Lottoland website – or by clicking here.

Lottoland also supports a number of UK charities via the Win-Win Charity Lotto. 

20p of every £1 raised goes towards two essential charities doing wonderful work around the country: The British Red Cross & Hospice UK.

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